A wake up call !

A wake up call !
An initiative of the Waterline Foundation

13 February 2011

The impossible happened !

The culprit !
On the 17th they had a competition for the straightest drive and had marked
a line up the middle of the fairway. You had to use one of their 'Bing'
drivers and I teed off 2nd - quite long but not straight. Where they were
talking to people to promote the comp was in front of the men's tee line and
I waited for our next player to tee off. He hooked it dramatically and it
came my way. In the few milliseconds that it took to reach me I picked it
up, could see its trajectory, spinning in the air and getting larger as it
came at me.. and then thud - it hit me in the forehead. There was no way I
had time to move out of the way, but instinctively I know that I did lower
my head as I saw it coming, so thank god it didn't hit an eye, my nose or

When it hit I keeled over and had 1000 bells ring all at once in my head,
which was so intense and loud, but only lasted about 5 seconds and gradually
died down with the shock wave going from one side and then to the other side
of my skull. Amazing sensation. Then everything was quiet. I could hear
people running about shouting "he's been hit" etc. I could see OK and
instinctively I moved my fingers and toes - something that a good first
aider would ask, and yes all OK. I could feel the warmth of the blood
running and Lisa, one of our team placed a cloth over the wound and held it
in position. She did a good job so when the paramedics arrived only 15
minutes later (Concord Hospital is just down the road) the bleeding had
already abated somewhat.

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  1. Is this for real ? So we are talking what size bump and where exactly ?